Shynea Clarke

Shynea has a very extensive dancing background and has been involved in the dancing world for over 25 years.

Shynea completed her first Australian Dancing Society (ADS) Examintation when she was 4 years old and started dancing in competitions at 5, where she won every event she participated in. At 9 years of age she started to compete more seriously and with her dance partners she was a National and State Champion in Juvenile, Junior & Youth over all 3 styles.

At 19, Shynea decided to turn Professional and move to Tasmania to dance and compete with Andrew Palmer. Together they were Australian Professional Latin Finalists and Southern Cross Professional Latin Champions. They also travelled to England to compete at the Blackpool Dance Festival. It was in Tasmania that Shynea's love for teaching really developed and she knew that she wanted to work with children, young dancers and adults to help them to develop into the best dancers they can be. 

Shynea has been teaching Latin, Ballroom & New Vogue for over 12 years and has trained many of Australia's top couples. 

Shynea has also studied Classical  Ballet, National Character Dance, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Cultural Dance and Hip. For 13 years Shynea learnt from Ms Karen Stephens and completed all her Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Examinations with Honours & High Distinction. 

Shynea is available for: 

  • Dancesport Private Lessons

  • Dancesport Group Classes

  • Choreopgraphy: Shows, Group/Troupe Dances, Solos & Performances

  • Adjudicating: Latin Championship Adjudicator

  • Workshops & Lectures 

Shannen Clarke

Shannen has been dancing since the age of 3 and has now been involved in the industry for 24 years. She completed her first Dancesport Exam at the age of 4 and then competed in her first registered competition at just 7 years of age.


Shannen has had a very successful career and was Australian Champion in Juvenile, Junior, Youth & Adult.  She competed in all three styles for most of her career, until her last partnership where she specialised in Standard & New Vogue.


Shannen loves teaching and working with up and coming dancers and has over 10 years teaching experience. 


Shannen has also studied many other forms of dance, such as: Ballet, Character, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary & Hop Hop. 


Shannen is available for:

  • Dancesport private lessons

  • Dancesport group classes

  • Workshop & lectures

  • Hip hop & Kpop classes

  • Pro am & teacher student events

  • Bridal lessons



Kathleen Zhang

Kathleen is a member of the MDA Elite Team and a Junior Teacher for Melbourne Dancesport Academy. 


She has been dancing for over 10 years, studying Latin, Ballroom, New Vogue, Ballet, Acro, Jazz, Contemporary & Traditional Chinese Dance. 

Kathleen in an Australian Junior Latin Bronze Medalist and has also completed her Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Examinations with Distinction.

Kathleen is available for:

  • Ballet Group Classes & Private Lessons

  • Dancesport Group Classes & Private Lessons


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